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Welcome to Deanna Merlino Fitness! My goal is to help you lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle through proper exercise and eating habits!

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About Me

My name is Deanna Merlino. I'm a lover of all things fitness, a wife to my best friend who I met while in the police academy together, a momma to a little boy, a dog momma to two rescue pups, and a Certified Elite Personal Trainer with specialization as a Sports Nutritionist, and Transformations specialist.

My passion and calling is to empower people to learn the importance of being healthy over "being skinny" and scream from the mountain tops that CARBS ARE OUR FRIENDS, healthy carbs of course. Since a young age I was always an athlete and played sports my entire life. While I tried pretty much all of them, my strengths were Track, Cheerleading, and Boxing. After high school, I continued cheerleading on into college and then moved onto an all-star competitive traveling team. After finally retiring from cheering in college, I soon discovered my love for exercising and lifting weights in the gym. Before I knew it my competitive side took over and I was competing in bikini class bodybuilding competitions. During that time, I won my height class in several shows, went on to win an overall title of an NPC show, was nationally qualified 3 times, competed nationally once, and in a total of 7 shows all together.

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As a Certified Elite Personal Trainer my goal is to help you improve your fitness and teach you how to fuel your body properly!

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Outside of Fitness

Outside of fitness, I also own my own Vegan Health/ Wellness, Skincare and Beauty business with Arbonne. I spend my free time with family, which is priceless, listening to motivational podcasts, practicing daily personal development, learning to live in a state of gratitude, volunteering with dog rescues and spending lots of energy on being both a pitbull and child trafficking advocate. I dream of owning my own animal rescue one day, maybe helping connect homeless veterans with service pitbulls to both get blessed with a second chance together. Can you tell I'm really aware of the tough things going on in the world?

I know how difficult it is to achieve your fitness goals, all while balancing everyday life, work, home, socializing, relationships, and all of the inevitable bumps that come up along the way. My goal is to help share my 10 years of personal exercise experience, and nutrition knowledge to help you learn how to: Feel good, look good, improve your mindset and headspace, learn how to be healthy, and fuel your body properly through whole foods, clean & effective supplements, and exercise. All while building a maintainable, and balanced lifestyle, and realizing that you can enjoy it all along the way!

I'm Truly looking forward to working together, see you soon!

My goal is to help share my 10 years of personal exercise experience, and nutrition knowledge to help you learn how to feel good, look good, and improve your mindset!

Deanna Merlino ISSA Certified Elite Personal Trainer

Deanna Merlino Fitness Certified Personal Trainer

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